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The work of a beer distributor at Lambeau Field during the Packer season seems endless, from loading the stadium the week before, to setting up promotional signage on game-day to stocking fresh product for the fans. A beer distributor’s work is never done.

Beer distributors maximize consumer choice by selling a vast array of beer brands and styles.
Wisconsin beer distributors operate within a time-tested regulatory system.
Wisconsin’s beer distributors deliver regulatory, economic & commercial value in communities.
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beer-kegs-150x150Welcome to the world of beer distributors in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin’s beer distributors are independent, family owned companies that deliver beer through a regulated system that emphasizes public safety and promotes moderation and responsibility.

Our role is much more than delivering kegs, bottles and cans, though. We provide efficient access to market for ALL beer brands to ALL licensed retailers across the Badger State.

WBDA is the trade association representing dozens of these locally owned distributors.

Wisconsin’s Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities!

Economic impact analyses of the U.S. Beer Industry has been performed at both the national and state levels for several decades. The most recent report, produced in Spring 2013 by the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), quantifies the magnitude of the different kinds of beer distributor activities in Wisconsin (like direct operations, capital investment activities and community involvement) and calculates their economic impacts.The bottom line is that Wisconsin beer distributors create jobs, generate federal, state and local taxes, and add value in numerous ways. Click here to see the economic impact Wisconsin beer distributors are having today.

2014 Capitol Day in Madison

WBDA-Feb 2014

WBDA members gathered for the 2014 Capitol Day meeting with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald in the Senate Chamber in January.

75th Anniversary Celebration

WBDA-Distributors at Legislature

Kicking off our 75th year, beer distributors from around Wisconsin came to Madison this week for a Capitol Day and 75th Anniversary Celebration. Read more…